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Student Testimonials


"I've coached opera arias and monologues with Jordan Miller and can't really put into words just how valuable that time was. I know that's not really USEFUL in a review haha but THAT'S HOW GOOD IT IS.  Seriously, if you've done your homework and you're ready to dig deeper, get in there. Show up prepared, be ready to work, play, and learn a TON. "  -Christen Blair-Horne, Soprano


"Jordan Miller and Jessica Couto are amazing:-) My daughter and son have been blessed to work on voice, scene study, choreography, and dialect coaching with them for almost a year now.  My son has booked multiple feature films & musical productions & has had callbacks on almost everything they've coached on. My daughter has booked many musical productions and loves the audition technique  preparation they provide. I highly recommend these fabulous teachers." -Heather Eddington




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